Our Purpose

The Trustees shall apply funds to any child or children who:

1. Are under 18 years of age;

2. Live in the Mansfield Shire (Victoria);

3. Suffer from a serious illness, injury or disability (the condition);

4. Is in circumstances where payment for, or associated with the treatment of “the condition” would create financial hardship and impact on the ability to maintain a modest standard of living in the Mansfield District.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be in 'Necessitous Circumstances' as described below.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible for financial assistance, applicants would need to be facing necessitous circumstances. A person is in necessitous circumstances where his or her financial resources are insufficient to obtain all that is necessary, not only for a bare existence, but for a modest standard of living in the Australian community.

A strong indicator of this would be where a person's level of income is such that they are eligible to receive income tested government benefits. While a person's level of income is a useful guide, it does not on its own indicate necessitous circumstances.


For example, a person whose income level exceeds the welfare limit but who could demonstrate special or unusual circumstances, which resulted in a marked lowering in their standard of living causing hardships could still be considered to be in necessitous circumstances. In this case parents or guardians of children may be facing necessitous circumstances as a result of the expenses associated with the Condition.



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